Are Custom Food Trucks More Profitable than Previously Owned Options?

Entering the food truck business requires a lot of planning and a clear vision. At the center of it all is buying a food truck. When it comes to food truck manufacturers, you have a lot of options in terms of who you work with, and the type of mobile kitchen you invest in. But when it comes to the most frequently asked questions, food truck companies report that buyers want to know if they should invest in a custom food truck, or get something previously owned.

Your goal is to make a great living with your food truck. This means it needs to enable your high profitability. The best custom food truck companies will always recommend going new and outfitted to meet your needs, as they have seen many businesses fold due to trying to center a business model around someone else’s platform.

This article is meant to help people about to enter the food truck business understand the value in buying a new, custom food truck as opposed to saving money up front with a used model. Because in the long run, new and custom saves money, and makes money.

Custom Food Trucks Allow Growth

When you work with a good custom food truck builder, one thing they will do is study your growth goals, market, and competition. This allows them to gauge the size of food truck you need to ensure present, full functionality while allowing some room for predicted growth goals thus allowing you to continue pumping out a profit at full speed. For example, is a family-owned sushi food truck business currently has a one-man team with a growth goal to hire a two-person team and expand the menu to noodle dishes, the food truck platform will need to have space to accommodate another person while still allowing for elbow room, and give extra space for prep and equipment needed to cook and serve noodle dishes. The best custom food truck builders know just how to manufacture a new food truck to help owners achieve all their goals by creating an ideal work space. Pre-owned food trucks give you zero freedom to do this.

Custom Food Trucks are Reliable

Most failing food trucks go under in their first year of business because their truck broke down. When this happens a domino effect of disasters unfold that include the following:

You spend thousands in repair bills

Mechanical and equipment failures create unpredictable scheduling
When your truck is in the shop, your customers go to the competition
Food truck equipment failure can cause food spoilage
Being out of commision means you make no money while spending money

When food truck business owners decide to pay a bit more up front to get a custom food truck, the only expenses they face are provisions, routine maintenance, and annual licensing. On top of this, food truck business owners with custom vehicles stay competitive, in front of their customers, and are simply able to put out better products while creating reputable brand recognition.