How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

The number of visits you should make to the dentist has been a question that has really gotten people stranded. Most will say it is twice a year, others once a month, others as often as possible and to the extremes, once a week?

What should you believe? How often should you visit your Samaritan Dental dentist?

The real truth behind all this confusion differs from one person to the other. Some people are required to visit the dentist more often than others. And this classification is based on an individual’s health state. If you are healthy and regularly work with excellent oral practices, you won’t be needed to go for regular check ups much often but if otherwise more often.

One thing for sure is that children need to visit the dentist more often than adults because of what their “diet” is mostly made up of, sugar to be precise. And as you all know sugar is an oral health killer!

Also, if you have a disease going on in your body or have been having it for quite a while, you’ll agree that you will need some extra medical attention. And if you are suffering some signs of a particular dental disease, you also fall into the same case of a patient and you will still need more check ups.

And to shed even more light on that, here is what you should work with to know which category you fall into and how often you need to see the dentist:

1. People With Dental Diseases
If you happen to have dental carries, tooth decay, mouth cancer or even plaque, you should first see a doctor about it so that it is checked out. After examining, the doctor will prescribe you some medication which will involve the medicines to take as well as how often you should go for check up.

In most cases, the dentist will require you to come back too weeks after the first treatment to see your progress. And after that, it will be required of you to have monthly visits so that the disease can be monitored and completely treated.

2. People With Dental Issues
For people with small issues of their teeth like toothache, teeth alignment and teeth whitening, fillings follow a different course. These people are only needed to visit the dentist as often as nature demands. It may be daily for a whole week, once a week or after two months, there is no restriction.

At an average view, such cases ask that, after being handled professionally, the patient will be required to go back after a month or two and to the extreme end, three months.

3. People Seeking to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle
This is where the bigger percentage (90%) of people asking this question lie. For people who have got no health issues and are seeking to maintain the same health state, the number of visits are usually fewer than the other two categories. Healthy people who mind about their oral health need to visit the dentist ONCE or TWICE a year.

This means after every six months you should go for a check up and see whether your teeth are in the same condition as they always have been or if they have improved to an even better state or have grown worse. You can also opt to visit the dentist once a year, preferably at the end of the year.

Basically, visiting your dentist depends on your current health condition. If you happen to be suffering from a long oral disease, the more the visits you will have to make. If you have simple teeth issues, the fewer the number of times you will be checked. And if you want to be orally fit, you need one to two visits a year.