How To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous?

Some things you do cause him to want to fight with every guy who approaches you … Being beautiful obviously will make you have the looks of many guys in you, now imagine if you took into consideration Clinica Renueva for rhinoplasty Tijuana, your beauty would be unbeatable.

1. Flirt discreetly with other guys
The male brain begins to scream “WHO IS THE IMEQUAL ESE THAT I WILL DESTROY ?!”. You should never subject him to this kind of suffering, unless you are a horrible person.

2. Laugh at a joke that another man made.
There are such funny things, that you can not do anything but laugh. But this can turn a man crazy with jealousy, especially if he considers his sense of humor as a source of pride. Do not be surprised if your nice guy is clenching his fists.

3. Go to a den or bar in a “girls night.”
The chances of another man reaching out to you are high, your boy will hate to think about that hypothetical possibility.

4. Get excited with a celebrity.
Do you know why most men hate celebs like Ryan Gosling or Chris Hemsworth? It is your fault!

5. Texting with other men.
They think: Textear can lead to “sextear”. Guaranteed jealousy

6. Have a best friend.
It does not matter how “friendly” your relationship is. Your boy will always believe that one of the two wants to sleep with the other. Blame all the Hollywood movies that have sold that lie for so long.

7. Mention good times you had with your ex.
This is what your boy thinks every time you mention a situation that you lived with your ex: “Will she still love him, will she do it better than me, who will win in a fight, him or me?” Every time you do it you can see the moment when your eyes are filled with fury.

8. When you use your vacation days to go with your friends.
Those days when you’re supposed to spend time with your lover. You will not like it if you find out that you have planned a trip with your friends from high school.

9. When you go to a party without him and upload photos to Instagram.
That party he did not want to go to because only your friends were there? Now, he is at home and thinking of all the fun he is missing.

10. When you stay at work until very late.
“What are you doing so late in the office? Do you have an adventure with someone there?” That’s what your boy asks each time you have to arrive hours later at your house.