Mexican Beaches, suitable for recreational use

The beach is one of the most relaxing places you can find and when you visit Mexico to go with your dentist in Tijuana Mexico, many of us love going to the beaches of Tijuana, because you can drink alcoholic beverages without anyone Say nothing, but many worry about pollution and if sanitary rules are being followed and in spite of the recent drizzles that have fallen in the city, the beaches of Tijuana are reported to be suitable for recreational use.

This Saturday was few bathers who came to beaches in Tijuana due to cloudy days but according to the Border Environmental Project, the area of ??Faro, Parque México, and El Vigía, have low levels of pollution, which do not represent a risk for bathers. So as soon as the sun rises, go out with your swimsuit and get the tan that you have wanted so much.

Remember that on the boardwalk you can find a wide variety of establishments offering food and drinks, from cafes where you can enjoy a crepe to places of seafood with alcoholic drinks and live music, there is something for everyone.

The last time that the beaches of Tijuana had to be closed was on January 12, as a result of the heavy rains registered that day. The beaches were closed for 72 hours, until January 14.

The beaches of San Antonio del Mar, Playa Blanca and Malibu are closed since December 2017, based on the second agreement of the Act of the First Regular Meeting 2018 of the Clean Beaches Committee of the municipality of Tijuana, due to the presence of high levels of pollution stool more frequently.

This week, the San Diego Sea surprised visitors this week with a natural spectacle of phosphorescent blue waves at night.

This phenomenon is caused by a red tide that is on the coast of San Diego, California, which is unknown until when it will continue. The red tide is produced by the presence of algae of the dinoflagellate type.