Mexico in the legalization of marijuana

What if, when traveling to Mexico, you can not only get the best dental services at the best price such as dental crowns in Tijuana Mexico, but you can also find good quality marijuana in a legal way, well the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, insists that the country should legalize marijuana, although this time it defends that it is the states that make the decision. It is the second occasion in which the minister delves into this issue, in full electoral campaign, after last January he proposed to regularize their consumption to stop the violence in the country, a pronouncement that generated a huge controversy between the political class and the Mexican society.

I think that in Mexico we should move towards a regulation at the state level, he said in a public interview, adding that it does not seem logical to use funds to prosecute consumers of this substance when they should be used to combat kidnapping, violations or the murders. Keeping marijuana in illegality is giving money to drug traffickers, he says. And with that money what those gentlemen do is that they bribe more police, buy more weapons and are more violent, says the high official.

In his declarations, which coincide in time with the second ruling of the Mexican Supreme Court in favor of the recreational use of marijuana and with the position in support of former President Vicente Fox on the legalization of the poppy, De la Madrid argues that it does not have He felt the prohibition in Mexico, while places like the United States California, with which he shares a border, has become the world’s largest market for the legal sale of marijuana. It is time to act, he assures in the interview, referring to the decision of the high court, although he points out that he is not advocating the use of drugs.

The legalization of marijuana has become one of the star themes of the upcoming presidential elections on July 1. While Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has always maintained that Mexico and the United States should not pursue divergent policies in this matter, and in 2016 supported a bill to allow Mexicans to carry the equivalent of an ounce of drugs, a braked initiative In the Congress, the favorite in the polls, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, leader of Morena, came to test a possible amnesty for the drug lords in order to stop the violence, a proposal that also generated controversy.