Small families are the new trend

Lately, families tend to have fewer children due to the lack of time and the high costs they entail, since it is a long list of needs that even have to go to the dentist can go very expensive if they are not close to Mexico Dental Network.

In countries such as Spain, having three children is considered a large family. In the European Union, only 13% of families have three or more children under the age of 24 who are still dependent on their parents, according to Eurostat data from 2016.

Spain is well below the average: only 8% of Spanish families have three or more children. It occupies the penultimate place of the table, tied with Italy. Below, only Portugal and Bulgaria are found.

The large Spanish families, in figures

In Spain there are currently more than 600,000 families with the title of large family, the primary condition for a family to be considered numerous in Spain is that it has three or more children with economic dependence on the parents, but not the only one: according to the Law of Numerous Family of 2003, households that have two children and some of these or their parents show certain degrees of disability, may also access the title.

More than 101,000 families are currently receiving this condition. The remaining half million are large families with three or more children, the majority of them being households with three children. The percentage decreases drastically with the increase in the number of descendants.

Although Spain occupies one of the last steps in the European ranking of households with three or more children, the number of titles of large families has grown considerably during the previous decade.

Much of the growth is due to families of foreign origin applying for the title: during the last five years, more than 20% of new large family titles granted in Spain are of foreign nationality. According to the Numerous Family Law, foreigners are recognized as having a large family on the same conditions as Spaniards, provided they are residents of Spain.