The improvement of veterinary service in Tijuana

Tijuana is no longer just a destination for medical treatments such as plastic surgeries or the new dental treatments like all on 4 implants Tijuana, but also for its services in veterinary medicine, and the reasons are the same: an excellent professional service for lower prices.

One of the things that we must take into account when looking for a veterinarian for our pet is the personality and expertise of the specialist, it is very necessary, especially if at some point you should leave your hospitalized pets in charge. More than a veterinarian who knows everything you should look for a humble professional. All veterinarians, no matter how experienced they may be, know how to recognize their limitations, so they will be more receptive to referral to a specialist if the case requires it.

In veterinary medicine every time we find more specialized professionals: in emergencies, surgery, traumatology, rehabilitation, etc. Some clinics have specialized veterinarians to make the service they offer more complete. Therefore, if your dog or cat has a very specific health problem, go to a specialist who works in that area is the most indicated.

In the city there is a large number of experienced veterinarians who seek to continue training, so recently has just successfully achieved a conference of veterinarians in which they discussed some topics such as feline medicine, anesthesia, analgesia, orthopedics, emergency, and care intensive.

In a press conference, the organizers explained that the objective of the Congress is the academic improvement of the veterinary guild so that they can offer patients and owners a better service.

With a population of around 300 doctors in the region, a similar amount is expected in the event that will have exhibitions by veterinary doctors specializing in diverse diseases and quality services to small species.

The congress is organized in collaboration with the schools of Mexicali and Ensenada
The subjects are not only directed to canine or feline species, but also other animals classified as exotic companions.