They will present the result of an inclusive dance project

Something beautiful will happen in the city with the present the conclusion of the project: Duplex, choreographic integration, which teachers developed for 12 months with students from the Multiple Work Attention Center (CAM) Tijuana and Rosarito thanks to the support of the Stimulus Program Creation and Artistic Development of Baja California through the Institute of Culture of Baja California. Some people may despise how valuable it is for all children to dance, have fun, be with their friends, that is the small things that make us happier. We do not underestimate the other services that children need, such as  dentists in Mexico who specialize in the teeth care of special children


In the 12 months of work, contemporary dance and urban dance classes were given to a group of adolescents with physical and / or intellectual disabilities, supported by guest teachers and the teaching staff of the Rosarito and Tijuana CAM. The assembly of 2 choreographies was developed and will be performed by the young and enthusiastic dancers.


During its development, the project sought to bring the students of CAM to the appreciation and humanistic awareness found in the performing arts through workshops and dance practice.


Achieving that students acquire tools of corporal expression integrating dance as an element of social integration was one of the main goals during the process.


“The work that CAM performs is of utmost importance for the integration of young people into society, through dance I managed to connect with them to a level beyond the corporal, the movement was the means to find us and realize that We can all dance.

“In those hours we spent together we learned that dance is universal and as different as we are we have something in common, WE LOVE TO DANCE.”


benefits of dance in kids


they are happier

they have more opportunities to excel in whatever they want

their minds are more active

Your body is more in shape

they learn to live with adults and children

you never know when the dance is going to be a child’s passion