Tijuana, without fiscal stimulus for gasoline

In Tijuana, there are many positive things, cheap food, cheap alcoholic beverages and dental implants in Tijuana at a good price, but so far this year, the liter of gasoline has risen to 6.5%.

Tijuana does not have tax incentives in gasoline unlike the rest of the cities in the border region, said the president of the Association of Owners of Petrol Stations of Tijuana (APEGT).

He indicated that fiscal stimuli have long been applied and the intention of the stimulus is to create equal price conditions with the neighboring cities on the other side of the border.

“But the only city that has no stimulus in the entire border strip in Tijuana. The argument of the Ministry of Finance is that Tijuana does not have a price differential that compromises the city’s competitiveness with respect to San Diego. ”

He explained that the stimulus causes a softening in the tax burden, in the sense that this must be done so as not to affect the logistics and transportation so that the price decreases.

In his opinion, Tijuana should have a softening, but not by means of a stimulus, but with the reduction of taxes.

“The stimulus is a resource that has to be in subsidizing the gasoline entrepreneur, but if a reduction to the positive charge is decreed, that would cause a decrease in the price of each liter of fuel. The border cities that connect with Texas, for example, have a very low price. Gasoline has risen not only in Mexico, but in different regions of the world due to the barrel of oil that closed at 61 dollars in 2017, and so far this year it is trading close to 67 “.

He warned that this will be present throughout the year, and pondered that it is important to mention that, so far this year, the liter of gasoline has risen to 6.5%.