Trends to consider for your prom dress

An event as necessary as a prom night needs the best dress, as it will not only last a few hours during the party, but it is a lifelong memory that will live in the photos, videos and of course in your minds. Sure you want to remember that night as the night in which you felt the most beautiful of the place, then we will show you the different trends of dresses so that you can choose the one you like best.

Transparencies and illusion lace
The inclusion of transparent textiles in the making of 2018 festive dresses is more predominant this season.

The transparencies in short formal dresses are used as accents and decoration in the dresses, explains the expert in fashion and style. They subtly reveal certain strategic parts of the body without showing too much. They are feminine and sexy at the same time.

The costumes in lace fabrics are also in vogue. They are sexy, chic, bohemian and even vintage when they have one of those designs that grandmothers used.

The dresses designed with transparent textiles and embroidered highlights are romantic, modern and chic.

Metallic colors and glitter decorations
As the party of ‘prom’ is a particular moment to shine, the dresses made with textiles in bright or metallic tones, or with sequins and beads, are present in the trend of this year in the range of shades of gold, silver, and bronze

The suits in metallic tones, offer elegance and distinction.
These dresses came mostly long, with the elegant siren cut and a side opening that comes from the middle of the thigh of one of the legs.

The suits that shine with accents of sequins, beads or textures that focus on highlighting the silhouette delicately and are flattering and impact with their design and color. Apart from that, they are easy to combine with all the metallic accessories that are fashionable and with sandals of similar colors.

Suits with sequin accents, like this strapless dress from the brand Blondie Nites, impact with their design and color.

Short dresses in cut ‘A.’
The short party dresses, designed in the so-called “A” or princess cut, are other strong trends. They are feminine, and their choice is the best for girls who do not like long suits; as well as those who want functional pieces, which can be used as a daily look.

The short dress, designed in cut ‘A’ or princess, is ideal for girls who want to look modern and chic.